Red Bull JAWS invitation design.
I worked directly with the creative director and in-house builder/fabricator to create these one-of-a-kind invitations to a one-of-a-kind never-been-done surf event. Located in Maui, Hawaii at the legendary Jaws beach aka Pe'ahi, the Red Bull JAWS event sought to watch the weather conditions until they were the most gnarly and then unite 21 of the best surfers in the world to compete. We were tasked to create the "invite" that these legendary watermen would receive. Within it we included a phone (iPod touch) in a fully weatherproof Pelican case. This would act as a proverbial "red phone" that we would call once the scientists at Red Bull had deemed the waves crazy enough. We developed this masterpiece from scratch out of driftwood and self-distressed hardware. I oversaw this entire process from start to finish, working closely with talented builder and collaborator Kevin Fitzke. I even had the chance to hand-letter all the envelopes that were stapled to the top of the invite, as well as design all of the ephemera inside and out including the design and application of spray and transfer stencils tacked to the outside.​​​​​​​
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